Nomu T10 Rugged Smartphone featuring IP68 certification

Nomu, a company famous for its rough and tough Smartphones is ready to launch another device. The company is all set to bring Nomu T10 Rugged smartphone with amazing quality and power packed specs.

Nomu T10 Rugged smartphone

Nomu T10 rugged smartphone
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  • Nomu T10 and IP68 Certification

The gadget industry is always dynamic and ever changing. Understanding the idea of innovation, Nomu T10 Rugged smartphone is launched by the company with IP68 certification. The Smartphone is said to be super tough as it can easily stand firm against the breakage even after falling from 2 meters height.

  • Some Interesting Features of the Smartphone

Nomu T10 is a hard and firm phone which is shockproof. The device is known to handle the height up to 2 meters without any damage. The device is having a waterproof body, IP68 Certification to stand water for more than 2 hours easily. The USB is designed in such a manner to protect the device from water as well as dust.

  • Multi-Functional Torch

Unlike every other Smartphone, the torch of Nomu T10 is capable of multi-functioning. The torch supports 4 modes that are weak light, strong light, SOS and strobe making it easier for the users to set the mode accordingly.

  • Acts as a Power bank

Nomu T10 is a super Smartphone which is having 2800 mAh Li-Po battery. The battery is sufficient enough to support 20 hours of calling time and 500 hours of standby time. In case of emergency, the phone also acts as a power bank for other phones. The device enables reverse charging using a USB connecting wire.

  • Other Unique Features

The company has given a customized button for easy and fast launching of apps. The main purpose of giving this button is to save time and for smooth working. Apart from this, the device can work between -20⁰C to 55⁰C temperature with 9 different languages. Also, the smartphone is available with dual SIM and dual band support facility.

Nomu T10 Rugged smartphone is available on Aliexpress for $59.99 only. This is a smartphone for all the careless users catering all the requirements with a tough body and functioning.


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  1. I have been working in the workshop all year round. The environment is very hot and stuffy. Phone can sometimes get stuck, If this phone really has such high temperature resistance, it should be very durable.


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