Nubia Z11 Mini Release Date, Price; Teasers focus on camera

The Nubia Z11 Mini release date and price are a matter of interest to its potential buyers around the world. However, the company has brought out teasers that focus on the camera feature of the handset.

Nubia Z11 Mini Release Date

The Nubia Z11 mini release date will soon be known to us all. However, what we know before that is that the company has brought out a few fresh teasers of its new Nubia Z11 Mini. The teasers are released exclusively to zero in on the powers of its new camera.


It is understood that the new Nubia smartphone will come with NeoVersion camera. And the company terms this feature as “Simply Beautiful.”

There are multiple teasers of the new smartphone, but none of them have so far spoken of the Nubia Z11 Mini release date. Anyway, Nubia has another teaser to share and they did so through their Facebook page. This image shows a cheetah on all fours and in the air. The message is straight – the Nubia Z11 Mini will be fast enough like the fast-running cheetah and will have precision as well.


The General Manager of the company, Ni Fei has said the smartphone’s camera will have Clone Mode. And as the Nubia Z11 Mini release date remains unknown, there’s not much info on this feature as well. All, we have now to do is to keep fingers crossed and wait for some pieces of official information.

The device was seen on TENAA in March and the regular Nubia Z11 devices are likely to be made official today. So, it is likely that we may get some concrete info about Nubia Z11 Mini release date, price and any other important details. And we will bring them to you immediately.

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