Office 365 now available in 10 New Regions and 150 Markets

Microsoft is bringing Office 365 to 10 new regions covering as many as 150 markets in total. And it’s understood that the popular software will make its way to 97 markets in the near future.

Office 365


Microsoft Office 365 is a popular software suite from one of the world’s biggest software companies. This week one the biggest tech companies, Microsoft, came out with the news of launching its Office software into 10 new markets. The expansion might not seem too big at face value, but will be affecting the sales of office 365 at large scale positively.

With the new addition to markets, Office 365 will now be available in (in alphabetical order) Bhutan, Cambodia, Greenland, Guadeloupe, Laos, Maldives, Martinique, Mozambique, Myanmar, and the Vatican City. And with this expansion, the Microsoft product will be covering over 150 markets in total. And as the software will be launched in various regions and markets, it will be available in multiple languages – 44 languages to be specific. Microsoft is planning to expand its popular software bunch further to about 97 more marketplaces next year. However, plans and information about this are pretty vague as of now.

As a matter of fact, this Microsoft product is currently being used by more than 1.2 billion people around the world. With the expansion of this software to so many new markets now, the figure is surely going to see some higher numbers.

Microsoft Word is the most popular software in the suite, famously known as MS Word. Apart from that, the MS Excel platform is widely used for making structural data and carrying out mathematical operations. And when it comes to preparing presentations, nothing can beat MS Powerpoint. So, there’s hardly any part of Microsoft Office suite, that has lesser weight.

Are you a user of Microsoft Office 365? If yes, do let us know your favourite experience and what hangs you the most.


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