Offtime App Will Help You Beat Addiction to Smartphone

Offtime app is a Smartphone application that will help you beat your addiction to Smartphone. So, you will not remain glued to your seat with your Smartphone in your hands.

Offtime App

We all have habits. Some are good and some not so good. The aim of Offtime app is to weed out those not so good habits that you have ‘cultivated’ with your Smartphone. There are so many interesting apps in a Smartphone that one can easily get addicted to it.

So, What Does Offtime App Do?

Some are so addicted that they spend hours together playing with their device. This can hurt them in a number of ways. It can take a toll on your working time, your device gets used unnecessarily and your eyes are strained too. Offtime app saves you of all these hassles.

The Offtime will help you recognize what your bad habits are. Once it tells you about these habits, it also suggests ways of improving yourself by getting rid of them.

Developers of Offtime App

The credit for developing the app goes to Alexander Steinhart, who is a psychologist from Germany. He was assisted by Humboldt University of Berlin and by the designer Michael Dettbarn.


A study carried out by the university found out that users were unlocking their phones as many as 63 times a day. However, after Alexander Steinhart’s app was used, this number fell down sharply. The users unplugged for only two hours a day. This helped in fighting addiction to Smartphone.

The design of the app is such that you, as a user you can unplug the gadget without having to miss any urgent matter. The app lists your contact and can penetrate the downtime. It can be through your family members or friends. And on the other hand, it can shut down your emails, call, text, etc.

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The Offline app can work on your behalf as well. It will answer to the messages representing you. It also keeps a log of your activities in case you miss something when you cannot attend to your Smartphone.

And yes, the most important thing is that Offtime app is currently available only for the Android users to fight addiction to Smartphone.

Insight on Usage

Offtime app gives you insights on the usage of your device and you know how much Smartphone addiction you still have to overcome. It shows you the insights like how much time you have spent on your Smartphone and which apps are consuming most of your time.

Dangerous Apps for Kids

When on one hand there are apps like Offtime app, there are also some dangerous apps for kids. These apps are ‘dangerous’ in the moral and cultural way. There are apps that can send adult stuff and can be self-destroying. This means, they do not leave any trail behind.

This makes it easier for small children and kids to easily exchange videos and images and still not get caught by anyone, especially their parents and family members.

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