Old Smartphone Uses: Don’t Throw Your Hardware Away

These days there are so many features in gadgets that even old Smartphone uses become pretty pertinent. You can hardly claim the devices to be useless. To go with them, there are a range of software programs and apps that add value to your device.

Old Smartphone Uses

So, if you no longer use your Smartphone or tablet, wait before you throw it away. They may still serve you as honestly as they did before. Just read this post first. You will certainly get great ideas with your old Smartphone uses.

Digital Photo Frame

Ever thought of using your Smartphone or tablet as a digital photo frame? You can always keep the device at a place where it can be in your view constantly. Just need two things – the phone hooked to the power supply and one of your best snaps. Change the display setting accordingly so that the screen won’t dim. View the picture in a full screen mode and you are done.


To add more spice to your old Smartphone uses, you can go for Dayframe or Picmatic. Dayframe is for Android, while Picmatic works on your iOS device. What they can do is, they can plug in various social networks and you get latest pictures from your clique.

APPS: Dayframe for Android and Picmatic for iOS

A Dedicated Word Processor

Finally, Microsoft’s popular Office is now free to both Android and iOS. So, you can install MS Word, which makes your device a dedicated Word processor unit. Just make sure that to get most out of your old Smartphone uses, keep your device free of any other heavy apps you may have for gaming or music.

Results would be better if you do not have any social media apps on it either. Accompanying your Smartphone or tablet with a stand and a Bluetooth or wireless keyboard will make your work easier as you won’t have to keep your device too close. It’s good for those people, who have a writing job.

APPS: Microsoft Office

FM Radio

If your Smartphone is not in use like a normal communication device, another of the old Smartphone uses is using your phone as an entrainment gadget. Either your phone can either have a built-in FM radio or a Wi-Fi system. So, you can easily turn your Smartphone in a compact radio.

There are apps for virtually all broadcasting stations these days. So, you can find your favorite one easily by checking the official apps of your preferred station. And yes, do not forget to make use of the dock if your device has one. That will be even better old Smartphone uses.

APPS: You can select according to your favorite radio station

CCTV Camera AKA Home Security

You can turn your old device into a potential security gadget and can make it function like a CCTV camera unit. Well, just don’t take this term too literally, as this use of the Smartphone is just an alternative. This once again needs to be mentioned that for making the old Smartphone uses more efficient, there are loads of apps out there that you can choose according to your needs.

You can fix your device in a window or at a place that you wish to keep a watch on. As far as the software is concerned, a couple of them that immediately comes mind are Presence and iCamSpy. And yes, Manything is another one that you can depend on for your needs.

APPS: Manything, Presence and iCamSpy


One of the best old Smartphone uses is using it as an e-reader. Though Smartphone and tabs cannot give you the pleasure of reading the good old newspaper or books, this can certainly help you out. With plenty of apps out there, you can even sync your current and temporary reading to a separate e-reader.


Play Books and iBooks are two apps with which you can utilize the Kobo or the official Kindle. Having internet access to your Smartphone can give you instant access for your thirst of online reading with apps like Pocket and Instapaper.

APPS: Play Books, iBooks, Pocket and Instapaper

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