OLED Display for iPhone 8 Almost a Certainty: Sharp CEO

OLED display for iPhone 8 is almost a certainty. As a matter of fact, the OLED screen panels were going to be incorporated in the current iPhone 7 only. However, due to a few issues, the tech was finalized to be used in iPhone 8.

OLED Display for iPhone 8


Apple’s plans for the new iPhone for the 2017 edition are pretty straightforward. Apple will have the OLED display for iPhone 8. When there are talks about the plans for the stretchable OLED displays in the industry, how can Apple be left far behind in this arm? It is high time for Apple to go beyond the LTPS LCD panels. As a matter of fact, reports did the rounds a few weeks back that there would be AMOLED technology in the new iPhone 8. However, it now looks like Apple will at least settle for OLED display for iPhone 8.

Tai Jeng-wu, who is the CEO of Japanese display manufacturer Sharp, has commented on the future plans of Apple’s iPhone 8 saying, the Cupertino-based company is very likely to integrate the OLED panels in the iPhone 8.

Commenting on the OLED display for iPhone 8, Tai said that the iPhone has seen some serious evolution since its inception and now, they are switching from the LTPS to OLED. He added Apple must innovate and bring about some transformation in it. If it doesn’t, there won’t be any innovation for which Apple is known. The decision of going with the OLED panels is like a double-edged sword. No one knows if Apple will be successful in its attempt, but then at the same time, it’s also an opportunity for them.

When asked about the timeline of the new iPhone launch next year, Tai wasn’t able to comment on that. But well, it is understandable, after all, the launch of the new iPhone next year depends totally on Apple. But nevertheless, we have got valuable information about OLED display for iPhone 8.


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