OLED iPhones a Reality Next Year? Depends on the Suppliers

Technology giant Apple has great plans to launch OLED iPhones by 2017. But major suppliers of OLED screens are not ready to meet the demands before 2018.

OLED iPhones by 2017


Apple is having huge plans for its 10th anniversary in the smartphone industry and will be launching new OLED iPhones for the customers during the event next year. But Apple is facing some problems for the same. At the moment, we are aware that there will be three variants of the iPhone 8. Though there’s nothing concrete still and rumors will keep flying around, all we can say is that these could be concept images by far.

The problem in this fantastic plan is from the OLED suppliers. There are four major suppliers that manufacture OLED screens and all of them are not having enough production capacity that can meet the demanding goal by 2017 set by Apple. OLED Screens aren’t easy to manufacture and the major producers of these screens are LG Display Co., Sharp Corp., Japan Display Inc. and Samsung Display Co that include major competitors of Apple in the form of Samsung. A few days back we had covered a news where the Sharp CEO had said that the OLED displays for iPhone 8 would be a certainty.

And it is pretty sure Samsung will not be supplying screens to Apple before the technology gets outdated making sure that Samsung is the only supplier of the latest display technology by next year. Now the other major companies that are left in the list will not be able to manufacture enough displays to meet the increasing demand for iPhones. Brands like Sharp and Japan Display have said that they are working with the testing and will be ready to meet expectation by 2018.


As per the rumors, in the market that due to constraints in the supply of OLED, Apple may release only one iPhone model with new technology and the other new iPhone models will be having the old LCD tech. It is almost clear that a huge demand for OLED display smartphones will be there but Apple will be shipping one new iPhone model with OLED Screen by next year due to the supply constraints at the event of its 10th anniversary.

The all new OLED iPhones will feature an all-glass design that will be having a virtual Home button over the edge-to-edge display making the physical buttons a chapter of the history. So, hopefully, we will be having new OLED iPhones by next year.


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