OnePlus 2 Preview: Flagship Killer is Here

Finally the wait is over as the OnePlus 2 preview is here. According to OnePlus their new smartphone is a “flagship killer”. This remarkable phone is available for purchase for just £239/$329 for the 16GB version and £289/$389 for the 64GB version.

OnePlus 2 Preview

Taking into account the price tags mentioned above, both the 16GB and the 64GB versions are priced around Rs. 25,000. Now, let’s see if it is really a flagship killer or not.


According to the OnePlus 2 preview, this phone is definitely made of good quality material. It has a textured plastic rear which makes the phone extremely easy to hold. Its rear cover actually resembles the back cover of Galaxy Note 4. It has a removable back cover which is really easy to remove.

Screen & Weight

It has the same 5.5 inches size screen as iPhone 6 Plus but the phone itself is still narrower and shorter than the iPhone 6 Plus. It weighs 175g which is not very heavy if you want to use it long periods. It has perfectly placed metallic buttons, says the OnePlus 2 preview. It also has a smart notification toggle with three settings; on, mute and all off.



The OnePlus 2 preview shows that the screen has the same specs as iPhone 6 Plus but the screen displays muted colors. Its top brightness is pretty good though and it also provides good viewing angles. Its screen is pretty good if you compare it to similar priced smartphones.

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This phones comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 with 4GB DDR4 RAM in 64 GB version and 3GB DDR4 RAM in 16 GB version. With these extra ordinary specs OnePlus used to get a little hot but surprisingly OnePlus 2 stays cool even with extensive usage. They have definitely worked hard with the thermal regulation. No doubt the phone is quite fast and responsive.


While buying a smartphone, we usually check out its camera first and we have mentioned details here in the OnePlus 2 preview. This phone has a 13MP rear camera with 1.3 microns pixels. It takes amazing photos but it takes ages to process photos when the HDR is turned on.

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The OnePlus 2 is launched with OxygenOS on Android 5.0 Lollipop. It makes the phone quiet easy to use.

Fingerprint Sensor

According to the OnePlus 2 preview, this phone comes with a fingerprint sensor and you can use your fingerprint to unlock the phone just like in iPhone 6 or Galaxy S6. It actually unlocks the phone faster than an iPhone 6. When the phone is turned off, it doesn’t work very efficiently. We are hoping that software optimization will solve this problem soon.

Type C USB

The OnePlus 2 is the first phone to use type C USB which means you won’t have to fumble when trying to plug in your phone.


This is a remarkable phone in this price as per the OnePlus 2 preview. This dual SIM phone does not comes with NFC or micro SD slot but I would still go for a phone with such performance in this price.


And whilst the OnePlus 2 looks set to be extremely popular, there are a few concerns the device might overhead due to it using the Snapdragon 810 chipset but OnePlus state they have a second generation of chipset which has solved the problem.

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