Oneplus 2 Release Is Just a Matter of Time

After getting huge success (yes it was huge for any new company) from its first device OnePlus 1, OnePlus 2 release is in the offing. Now the company is on its way of its latest flagship – OnePlus 2.

No doubt it has created lots of hype already, and right now it is one of the most awaited phones among all big Smartphones.

OnePlus 2 Release

If we were to talk about OnePlus 1 – the previous Smartphone, it has all the unique features which was good enough to impress all the tech lovers and gain their attention towards this new company. The same is expected when the OnePlus 2 release materializes. It has provided almost two similar mobile phones (performance wise and many other ways) in one device.

It has included features like 4k video recording and slow motion video recording at a very affordable price as compared to other big flagship phones which was a big and surprising thing.

OnePlus 2 Alleged Features

Now let’s see what OnePlus 2 release has to offer. There is already a tough fight among many companies in the Indian market. And it is obvious that after getting solid response from their first flagship device they have to give something unusual to maintain their reputation. And right now if we believe rumors users may get something unique.


Display Feature

As per rumors OnePlus 2 may have 2K display (above full HD) which will increase the viewing angels experience by notches. Not only that, side edges will be much slimmer than other Smartphones which will give it a unique look. They have also improved display section. If we believe, then OnePlus 2 will have snapdragon810 chipset processor with 4GB RAM, which can give killer performance without a doubt.

Even before the OnePlus 2 release, it can be said that this phone will run on Cynogen12 android version with Android Lollipop which is more popular custom ROM for many devices. So you will get all unique customization options which you only get on custom ROMs (with warranty).


Right now the company has only announced this phone. We will come to know about the OnePlus 2 release soon. It was scheduled to be launched in April this year, but they have taken more time for the same. Right now we are still waiting to know about the price or launching date. But if rumors are anything to go by, this Smartphone is on its way. It may be available in the market by next month.

OnePlus 2 Price

The price of the new gadget is expected to be around Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 22,000. This is almost around the current OnePlus 1 device. So, on the pricing front, it is not only tempting, but also competitive for now as they haven’t increased the price by much.

Online Sales

The first device got sold on Amazon site via flash sale in the beginning and right now it is available openly on Amazon. So, OnePlus 2 release may see the same thing. That’s why, users may find it hard to purchase this latest device, as purchasing via online flash sale is really a troublesome thing. If they can sell this device openly online without any flash sale then it will certainly benefit more buyers for sure.


Nothing is confirmed about this device, though the possibilities are pretty much close to reality. The Chinese company has indeed gained lots of popularity with just one device so far (with some accessory like power bank later on) which is really a big thing. And the OnePlus 2 release may be something like its predecessor.

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