OnePlus 3 Android Nougat 7 Pair up by Unauthorized CM14

OnePlus 3 Android Nougat 7 features are out. It is the latest device to get the Nougat. It may come with certain limitations as it is an early build.

OnePlus 3 Android Nougat


It is very evident that Android Nougat 7 is present in very few devices. After all, it’s just a few days since the newest OS edition has become public. The latest device to avail the Nougat is the OnePlus 3, though in an unofficial manner. The Cyanogenmod 14 build is responsible for pushing the Android Nougat 7.0 to this variant of OnePlus.

Any OnePlus fan with the anticipation of having a Nougat, should be prepared with the limitations that can come because of its early build status. The CM14 has been pulled out from Taker18 member of XDA. However, if you are aware of the Android 7 Nougat features, you will come to know the difference between the actual features and the ones that are in the CM14.

Speaking about the OnePlus 3, it was launched on June 15, 2016. It is priced at $399 for the US customers, 399 euros for the European customers and  309 pounds for the UK people. In the Indian market, it is priced Rs. 27,999. For those who are still unaware of the improvements in the Android Nougat, there are already the Nougat Maintenance Releases 7.1, 7.1.1, 7.1.2, which are going to come by thick and fast from Google.

On the negative side, some important features like camera, alert slider, call facilities and dash charge just refuse to work. Even, the battery backup is not up to the mark. However, the users will be able to download the Google Play app. Also, some other features like Bluetooth, GPS, Mobile Data, Trebuchet Launcher and NFC works seamlessly without any flaws.

Have you got the OnePlus 3 Android Nougat yet? Don’t forget to put in your comments below and let us know.


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