OnePlus Earphones Launch to Take Place on 25th August

OnePlus earphones launch will take place on 25th August which was revealed in the latest teaser released by the company announcing their new product.

OnePlus Earphones Launch


OnePlus earphones launch is going to take place on 25th August. This news has been revealed with the teaser on YouTube today announcing about their latest product. In the teaser video which has a background music very similar to be a vinyl record. This states that the product comes under the audio league mainly earphones. This teaser has a tune in reference at the end which confirms its an audio-related product. The other proof of it being an earphone is a black lengthy cable attached to the record player centerpiece shown in the teaser video.

Back in May this year, the LeEco Leme Bluetooth headphone was launched that introduced two variants LeTV reverse in-ear headphones and the LeTV all-metal earphones. This release was for the Indian market for a price of Rs. 2,499. Whereas, the OnePlus earphones launch will take place and the markets announced later.

As for the OnePlus earphones launch is concerned, it all confirms that the OnePlus is going to launch the earphones on August 25th. And, the record played in the teaser is called OnePlus V2 which is supposed to be a second edition of the product. The products to receive the second version will be OnePlus Icons earphones or OnePlus Silver Bullets earphone. As compared to the other OnePlus devices, the OnePlus Icons earphone will be a little pricey but the OnePlus Silver Bullets earphones will be available in the market at an affordable price.

The teaser that we mentioned upfront is posted below for you to see. It is a just a 28-second video. A lot of things are stuffed in this small video. You’ll surely enjoy it. Don’t forget to put in your comments below.


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