Online Scammers Make Fake Facebook Pages of MH17 Crash

Online scammers are once again active making false and fake Facebook Pages of MH17 crash. It was on 17 July 2014, exactly ten days ago when the fateful crash took place. It was the Malaysian flight MH17 that was to fly from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.

The plane crashed over Ukraine that killed 298 passengers along with the crew members.

Online scammers

When people the world over were shocked and were busy offering condolences, it was ripe time for the online scammers to take advantage (or you call it disadvantage) of the situation. There was nothing like tragic for these people who came out with their atrocious nature once again.

We do not mean to say that all the MH17 crash Facebook pages are fake. However, they could certainly be more in number than the genuine ones. Why the online scammers could get more specific in making such fake pages about the MH17 crash was because the nationalities as well as the names of the deceased people were made public.

Online Scammers

That gave more food for the thought of these online scammers. They got to business immediately. They made face Facebook pages of the crash using the identities of these victims. Even the identities of the children were used to make such pages.

The online scammers claimed that they have a live footage of the crash. Almost all of us have watched the World Trade Centers being brought down to earth in the ghastly 9/11 attacks. So, it was but natural to get curious to watch this crash.

Words like “actual footage”, “video camera caught the moment of MH17 crash”, “real footage of the MH17 crash”, etc. It needs no mention that these links were only there to take undue advantage of the situation. Using these fraudulent links the online scammers tried to bring the visitors to malicious websites.

Actual Footage Missile MH17

Real Footage of MH17 Shot Down

Video camera caught the moment plane MH17 crash over Ukraine. Watch here the video of crash

The above search terms not may always lead you to safe links. So, please be careful when you are visiting such pages on Facebook. And by the way Facebook is also taking a note of the issue and is active in removing such deceitful pages from their site. This will in a way help in restricting the online scammers to a certain extent.

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