Oreo Update for HTC U Ultra Finally Arrives

The Oreo Update for HTC U Ultra has finally been made ready by the company. HTC has confirmed the reports and the update will start rolling out as well.

Oreo Update for HTC U Ultra

Oreo Update for HTC U Ultra

The Oreo update for HTC U Ultra is finally here. The HTC U Ultra was launched as the first flagship of the company last year. And it is the present flagship and the best phone that HTC has right now. Though the phone is one of the very few models that is still making a profit for the company, HTC appears to be a bit slow in releasing updates to the phone. While many phones like the Pixel line and Samsung have already received the Oreo update, it’s been a while for HTC to release the Oreo update for HTC U Ultra.

Though the update was released over a year ago, it is only now that is being rolled out to users. Via an OTA update to Taiwan, India, and Italy, this update is being rolled out to phones. This new update includes not just Android Oreo but also firmware version 2.19.400.1. Though some users are claiming that they see only the firmware version, it is probably because of the area or location they live in. The Oreo update is being released across the world and so there is not a need to worry. This update comes in two whole different sizes. The first being 1.32GB while the newer one is 1.56GB.

Though this update brings a whole new array of design and UI changes, this update comes with a security patch that also provides some system enhancements. Though the update has just been released, users are already excited about the new Oreo update for HTC U Ultra.

Are you an HTC U Ultra user? Did you get the Oreo update? Please comment and share your views.


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