Oreo Wi-Fi Connection Bug Problem Solved

After the new Android update 8.1, Google has fixed the issue of Oreo Wi-Fi connection bug. This is a sigh of relief for many who have been constantly using Android smartphones.

Oreo Wi-Fi Connection Bug

It is very annoying to get any type of bug when you are using a smartphone and the problem gets even more irritating when you have to face the Wi-Fi issue. When you have work to use Wi-Fi and getting the job done can get absolutely annoying. The good news is that Google has recently come up with an update that can resolve the issue.

Android 8.1 update, after its release, started facing a lot of issues. The problem of Wi-Fi can be a hurdle in the way of getting work done instantly.

Some of the common problems

  • Google photos can’t be accessed as it works only with Wi-Fi and with Oreo Wi-Fi connection bug, you can now browse through your photos and even categorize in various sections and albums
  • Even when the device is connected to Wi-Fi, it shows “No connection”
  • The connection gets unstable frequently
  • Verizon customers faced it more than any other customers

Although Google has come up with a solution for this problem; the update will not be available for everyone. Soon, the update will be available for everyone. When Verizon customers had complained on several forums like Twitter, Reddit and Google, the problem came into the limelight. Verizon customers could get this problem sorted by removing the privacy policy in the settings. The problem is yet to be confirmed and Google is taking every step to get this problem solved.

This problem should be sorted in a few days’ time and this can be expected in the coming days. Oreo Wi-Fi connection bug is a problem that needs to be sorted and Google is almost there.


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