Outlook and OneDrive Encryption from Microsoft

Microsoft will be strengthening Outlook and OneDrive Encryption. The statement came on Tuesday from the US-based company. The developments will be for Outlook emails to get the better of spying by organizations or government agencies.

OneDrive Encryption

The tough encryption with Outlook and OneDrive online cloud comes close after Microsoft scored less marks when it came to defending against spying and similar threats. It has been just about a month since the mega search engine came out with the results.

Matt Thomlinson, who is the Microsoft vice president of trustworthy computing security said in his blog post:

“We are in the midst of a comprehensive engineering effort to strengthen encryption across our networks and services.” He further added that this will also ensure that the government uses the right and the legal ways of accessing data and not resort to those backdoor methods.

The privacy concerns are growing and that’s why Microsoft has decided to go for OneDrive encryption. Actually the major internet companies in the United States are very careful that the privacy of their registered users isn’t encroached upon.

OneDrive Encryption

As a matter of fact, the online spying of the United States was brought to the fore by Edward Snowden. Snowden was the intelligence agency contractor and is now probably in Russia taking refuge.

Microsoft is willing to help the government in every way possible, be it with Outlook encryption or OneDrive encryption. In fact, Microsoft has come up with a center in its headquarters in Redmond, Washington. The reason for opening the center is to allow the government to check the integrity of the software of the company.

Microsoft has been taking the security problems very seriously and dealing with OneDrive encryption is one of them. Even Google hasn’t been behind in the race. Actually from the last month they have been working on keeping the data safer and difficult to access.

This will make it difficult to nose around on emails. They had also unveiled the Chrome browser software in helping to scramble the digital communication. ‘End-to-End’ software’s test version was recently released. This will help engineers to make programs so they can be plugged in Chrome to encrypt the Gmail messages.

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