PayPal Payments Bring Notification on Facebook Messenger

Earlier, the Facebook Messenger beta version had effectuated PayPal payments in bots. Now, the fresh update indicates a united decision of Facebook and PayPal extending the payment experience for Messenger and Facebook.

PayPal Payments


In the past, the social networking giant had elaborated about more than 30,000 developers joining Facebook. They made numerous bots with the starting of beta closure. Recently, we talked about the Facebook’s conversation topic, which is quite interesting.

Now, after the joint decision of Facebook and PayPal, users will soon get some enhanced experience while making payment through apps. This includes both the apps, Messenger and Facebook. The latest update will enable users to make payments using their debit cards straight from Messenger or Facebook app.

Additionally, there will also be the push notifications in Messenger for PayPal customers residing in the United States. This service will easily manage all the receipts of PayPal transactions and simultaneously keep them secured at a place.

According to this update, PayPal customers will be able to easily link Facebook and Messenger to their PayPal accounts.

The America-based company PayPal agreed to roll out the new feature in the US as a helpful payment option for Facebook and Messenger. With the new PayPal payments feature, users will experience a much hassle-free and enhanced e-commerce experience with both the apps.

The Messenger will soon roll out the PayPal payments. So when a user is making payments online through the aforesaid apps, the merchants will soon accept the payments right in their bots. Actually, the main utility of this updated feature is for those businesses that are PayPal-enabled. This signifies the businesses which are mostly engaged in the selling of products directly from the Facebook page’s Shop section.

We have no clue yet, whether the services will be served to other regions or not, but as of now, only United States PayPal users will be able to enjoy it.

In their story PayPal expressed, “Our focus on partnering with innovative companies to create better experiences for merchants and consumers remains strong. Over the last few months we have announced deals with Visa,MasterCard, Telcel and Claro, Vodafone and Alibaba, in our bid to drive broader customer choice in payments through partnership.”

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