Photo sharing website Imgur launches Android mobile app

The popular and the famous photo sharing website Imgur has launched its Android mobile app. However, the iOS version of the program has been suffering as it still hasn’t got a nod from Apple.

The app was actually launched in the month of April itself. However, it was restricted to all the other places apart from the US, Canada, and Australia. The app had been opened to everyone last month, but still in beta. There were lots of bugs then.

But now the app is out of Beta. The appearance of the app resembles a web version. It came into limelight after Reddit had it as its preferred site for image hosting. There are hundreds and thousands of thumbnails that you can browse through. To bring up fresh and new images, you can swipe from across the screen.

To zoom in, just tap on it and you are done. You can bring in the link sharing option by striking the three-dot menu icon. Uploading or browsing through the images can be done by choosing a subreddit.

To view only a certain type of images, you do not need to trudge all the way through the thumbnails. The menu at the left-drawer allows you to access the images in a quick way.

The users were not really happy with the app all these days. There were two reasons for that. First, it was in the beta mode for quite a few days and secondly, the app included lots of ads and the users were seemingly annoyed. That’s why it had only a one-star rating.

The official version doesn’t mean the end of tough times. They still have loads of works to finish and polish things out, most importantly, getting a positive user feedback.

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