Physical Activities Due to Pokemon Go Increase: Study

British Medical Journal has revealed that there are a lot of physical activities due to Pokemon Go. The journal has performed a research on the game, which says the game enhances physical activities of players.

Physical Activities due to Pokemon Go


The study was done for the period of one month, i.e. 1 August to 31 August. This is a month after releasing the game. During the methodology, the journal had considered the sample size of 1,182 people. Each individual had then delivered their screenshot data that includes the steps they took while playing the game. These steps were then compared with individuals who are not playing the game. A point worth mentioning is that the research is being conducted with the iPhone users but not with Android users. It is because the iPhone 6 incurs an inbuilt pedometer.

During the research, in the first week of installation an individual player’s activity is particularly higher as compared to a non-player. Though, with the expansion of the week the enthusiasm, specifically diminishes. Therefore, the steps indicate almost the similar activity that of the people who don’t play the game. However, with the growing week as the game’s player gradually turns to be less active, still, they captures more activity in contrast with a non-player (for at least some weeks).

Researchers have also noticed that after the sixth week installing of the game, a Pokemon Go player is indulged in the activity and it has now returned to the pre-installation levels. So, physical activities due to Pokemon Go are quite dependable on the fact that the person is playing Pokemon Go, and having the enthusiasm alive after a month.

It would be nice if a study is performed now on the updated Pokemon Go as it has received some improvements. Although, it’s also interesting to note about a high level of physical activities due to Pokemon Go. How do you feel? Let us know in the comments below.


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