Pixel vs Pixel XL : Which One Will You Choose?

Pixel vs Pixel XL – two identical Google smartphones, with more similarities and very few differences. But one major question: Which one will make it to your favorites’ list?

Pixel vs Pixel XL


Ever since Google launched its much-awaited first smartphone range, including, Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, that’s all the whole world has been talking about. The Google Pixel store listings leak by Carphone Warehouse has left people amazed. The first unboxing video by Verizon after the launch, has made them curious. Whether its their unique look, the amazing new features, or, the interesting specs; every single detail about the phones have completely enraptured the viewers. Google has blessed these phones with so many similarities and very few differentiating features. They are so identical in nature, that users are going to have a tough time making up their minds on which one to choose.

To ease out the user’s dilemma, we have come with a solution. We have pitted Google Pixel and Pixel XL against one other and ironed out a comparison between the two. Although we must tell you, it wasn’t an easy task at all. It took us enough amount of time to chart out a fair comparison. Wonder, how long will it take for users to draw a conclusion of their own! Anyway, are you ready for a Pixel vs Pixel XL battle? Then, let’s begin!

Pixel vs Pixel XL : The Similarity Situation

As we have mentioned earlier, Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL are almost alike.We can say that Google has been quite fair on its part, while manufacturing them. Except for a few properties here and there, these phones are somewhat similar in their appearance and certain features. Let’s find out what makes these phones a spitting image of the other!

Google-Pixel-white, Pixel-vs-Pixel-XL

We begin our examination from the external part, first. The bodies of Google Pixel and Pixel XL have been designed, using the combination of metal and glass. The front portion of the phones have a thick Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection, while the rest of the body is covered in metal. Both the phones have a thickness of approximately, 8.9 mm and feature an AMOLED display panel. The display size and the resolution, however, differs for each phone. On the external front, one may also find a fingerprint sensor, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB Type-C port, in both the devices. But, none of them has any physical button or water resistant system, whatsoever.

Moving on to the camera set-up of the Google Pixel phones; both sport a 12.3MP rear shooter and an 8MP front shooter. These “best ever smartphone cameras” are accompanied by a laser autofocus, a phase detection autofocus, a f/2.0 aperture and a dual-LED tone flash. Additionally, both the devices have been endowed with  HDR+ mode, on their camera applications.

Now, let’s talk about the internal composition of the Google Pixel phones. Both the devices are powered by quad-core 2.1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, along with Adreno 530 GPU and 4GB of RAM. This means, that a better performance, is what you can definitely expect from both the devices. Besides this, the phones will come with  32GB and 128GB external storage options, and a battery that would sustain for more than 7 hours, after 15 minutes of charging. However, it is to be noted that none of the phones offer any microSD card support.

Google-Pixel-Unboxing-Video, Pixel-vs-Pixel-XL

Google has been fair while distributing the various software to the phones, too. Both Pixel and Pixel XL will run on Android 7.1 Nougat OS, which is the latest version of Android. Google has also bestowed some new features to the Pixel phones, which makes them all the more identical. It has introduced a cool new Pixel launcher, options of unlimited storage for high-quality photos and videos on their new Pixel Camera App; along with the alternatives of smart storage, phone support and screen-sharing options. Additionally, Google has introduced an interesting feature, just for the Pixel phones called, Google Assistant, its latest gift to enhance user-Google conversations. The Daydream Platform has also been added to the list of new features in Pixel and Pixel XL. All these features make the phones truly unique and different from others. They are so exclusive to the Pixel phones, that even the Nexus line can’t get access to them.

If we are talking about the similarities in the Pixel phones, then how can we ignore the colours that they come in. The phones will be available in three classy colorsVery Silver, Quite Black and Really Blue. It means that apart from the phones itself, the users are going to have a tough time deciding on which colour to pick, too. Anyway, now with the similarity situation taken care of, let’s move on to the negligent, yet unavoidable differentiating part!

Pixel vs Pixel XL : The Differentiating Dynamics

Google has made the Pixel phones so much alike, that there’s hardly anything left for us to differentiate. Still, we could find few distinguishing features between them. And, the list is pretty small. Take a look!

Among the few contrasting features that we have found, the display factor takes the center stage. As we have already mentioned earlier, the display on Google Pixel and Pixel XL is AMOLED, but they have different display size and screen resolution. Where the Google Pixel dons a 5-inch FHD display, Google Pixel XL, comes with a 5.5-inch FHD display. Additionally, Pixel has a resolution of 1,080 x 1,920 pixels, while Pixel XL has a resolution of 1,440 x 2,560 pixels. This clearly entails, that display wise, Google Pixel XL is slightly better than Google Pixel.


On the battery front too, there’s a competition between the two phones. While both the phones are endowed with the quick charging phenomena, they differ when it comes to their battery capacity. Google Pixel runs on a 2,770mAh battery; while Google Pixel XL runs on a 3,450mAh battery. Here, Pixel XL is the clear winner, as it claims to have a stronger and larger battery life, as compared to Pixel phone. It can last approx. 6 hours more than the regular Pixel phone.

These are the only features that differentiate one from the other. And, looking at them, we can observe that Google Pixel XL heads this race, in some ways. But we also know that the features that make Pixel XL the winner, come at a cost, and that too, a high one. Google Pixel XL will be available at two prices- $770 (for 32 GB) and $870 (for 128 GB); while Google Pixel will be available at $650 (for 32 GB) and $750 (for 128 GB).

Both the phones have almost same features with only a few distinctions. Still, one of them comes at a much higher range than the other. So, now its up to the user to decide which one will prove to be a better bargain, here!

Pixel vs Pixel XL : A Complex Conclusion

Now, that we have made the comparison between the Google Pixel phones and analyzed the whole situation, we can say that coming to a definite conclusion isn’t easy. Both the phones are equally unique and impressive. There’s hardly any difference between them. Making a choice between the two can be highly confusing for anyone. This battle between Pixel vs Pixel XL remains inconclusive from our part. We haven’t made up our minds yet. Have you chosen your favorite?


Google Pixel

Google Pixel XL

Pixel-vs-Pixel-XL Pixel-vs-Pixel-XL
Screen 5.0-inch AMOLED 5.5-inch AMOLED
Resolution 1,080 x 1,920 1,440 x 2,560
OS Android 7.1 Nougat Android 7.1 Nougat
Processor Qualcomm SD821 Qualcomm SD821
Storage 32GB/128GB 32GB/128GB
Expandable No No
Size 143.8 x 69.5 x 7.3-8.5mm 154.7 x 75.7 x 7.3-8.5mm
Weight 143g 168g
Camera Main 12MP 8MP
Camera Rear 12MP 8MP
Video 2,160p at 30fps 2,160p at 30fps
Fingerprint Yes Yes
Battery 2,770mAh 3,450mAh
Availability Google Play, Verizon Google Play, Verizon
Price Starting $650 Starting $770


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