Pixel XL 2017 design with minimal-bezel AMOLED display is worth it!

The second generation gadget of Google, Taimen or Pixel XL has already started winning hearts of tech experts. Read the full story to know about Pixel XL 2017 design!

Pixel XL 2017 design

Pixel XL 2017 design
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Pixel XL 2017 design has received 8 out 10 score on the confidence rating. We’ve deducted 2 points just because we’re not sure if this is the ultimate design, or Google will make some more subtle editions to it. And we really hope that the finalized design of Pixel XL receives at least 9 points. In June, it was revealed that Google cancelled the launch of Pixel XL 2, and promised its users to introduce a bigger and a more amazing smartphone in its place. And we believe that Pixel XL, codenamed as Taimen, will replace Pixel XL 2.

Pixel XL’ back looks similar to previous year’s smartphone. However, this time, the phone has sharper edges, and the fingerprint sensor is embedded beneath the glass window. There won’t be any antenna bands on the lower side. Apart from Pixel XL, Google Pixel 2 was rumored to have an amazing 3D photography and a waterproof exterior.

The 6’’ gadget will sport an AMOLED display (manufactured by LG) with an aspect ratio of 2:1, less bezels and more rounded corners. It may have a 3D glass effect, and definitely has a speaker grille widened on the upper side.

We expect to not see more of the unexpected changes in Pixel XL. Moreover, there is no confirmation about its price, and its actual name. It can be named Pixel XL, or Pixel 2 XL, or mere Pixel. With a good chunk of time in hands, Google can work on its new gadget naming strategy.

Besides impeccable Pixel XL 2017 design, it will have a squeezable frame that will enable users to converse with the Google Assistant with a soft squeeze. Google will release Pixel XL anyhow in 2017, and we believe that it will cover all the loopholes including its large bezel, and a little heavy design, thereby making Pixel XL a premium smartphone.


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