Plans and Strategy for Attracting Blog Traffic in 2015

Attracting blog traffic has always been an issue every blogger has faced. How can having only great and quality content be of any use if there aren’t any readers? Who is going to read the content if it is not promoted in the right way? Social media, content syndication and curation apart from social bookmarking websites can play a key role in having more traffic to your site.

Attracting Blog Traffic

Coming to reality in terms of my blog, it has to be admitted that it is far too away as far as traffic is concerned. There are some reasons why this reality has to be accepted. Why I am mentioning this is because, it will help the struggling and newbie bloggers in not committing such mistakes and attracting blog traffic as well.

Things That I Did Not Concentrate On Initially

Not Spreading The Word…

Content, content and content; that was my funda when I started out this blog. When I write something, I am sure people will read it and I am done. This is what my mentality was initially. And that is exactly what gave me a setback. I never thought about how people will come to know about what I wrote. Many valuable days were lost in this ‘stupid’ kind of thinking.

In short, I never thought of marketing my content or spreading the word about it. That was the first blunder.

Not Using Blog Directories

Though there are lots of blog directories where you should NOT register your blog, there are also lots of them where you must. I never paid attention to this matter as well. So, I am potentially not attracting blog traffic that I could have otherwise got from blog directories as well.

Yes, do not thumb down all blog directories out there. If there are spam directories, then there are worth depending ones too. Always check and cross-check before registering or ask friends who are already established bloggers. Their directives should help you take the right decision.



Not Using Social Media Groups and/or Communities

Another thing I gave a miss to is the absence of social media groups or communities. It has to be admitted that any content promotion will always remain incomplete if you aren’t using social media, social groups and communities. Engagement with people on social media is of paramount importance for attracting blog traffic.

The promotion ratio is vaguely around 80:20 or 75:25. This means you must promote 80% or at least 75% of posts for other people and expect only the remaining for you. People will certainly reciprocate if you take the initiative and this I can say with my own experience.

Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, Google Communities are some of the free places on the net where you can take advantage of people helping each other grow.

Getting More Out Of Social Media

As spoke above about the power of social media, it has to be mentioned that you actively engage with other users at Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. Facebook advertisements can really come in handy and are cost effective as well. LinkedIn Groups is another vibrant place to gain key traffic. And yes, the Google Communities do have the potential to always be traffic centers. Just ReTweet, is as powerful as Twitter itself, giving you hundreds of thousands of retweets in a matter of a few minutes.

What Should Be Done?

This is what we discussed as the downside of not taking care of things when promoting articles. Now, let us have a look at those things that can change your traffic in the positive way.

Big Players Endorsing Your Content

What better it can be than an influential blogger endorsing your content? If you establish connection with well-known and reputed bloggers in your niche, you are more likely to get to know successful bloggers around. Once you get into the groove, just tweet and share the posts of those people and help them in attracting blog traffic first.

Search blogs in your niche and study the traffic and other possible details using a variety of SEO tools that are free online. It may not be a perfect answer to your question, but can at least give you an idea most certainly.

Blog Roundups Can Be Handy

Blog roundups can be pretty handy for both attracting blog traffic and content promotion. There are a lot of blog and certainly in your niche too, which are run on a weekly basis. Some are also on a month basis. Such blog roundups invite bloggers for submitting their popular and finest blog posts.

It does not matter what niche your blog is in, you will always find blog roundups that fit in your niche. To find such roundups search using the following terms as illustrated below:

technology + blog round up

bollywood + blog round up

You can also search by using something like

technology + weekly/monthly round up

bollywood + weekly/monthly round up

These are just the examples. You can replace the words “technology” or “bollywood” with your own niche.

Blog Commenting

One of the ever green methods of attracting blog traffic is the good old method of blog commenting. It is one thing that will never be outdated. I have had decent amount traffic by commenting on popular sites like shoutmeloud and inewsindia. These sites are very popular and cater to their audience with authority. Moreover, they have a solid reader base. So, you can be sure of some sound traffic from here too.


Do remember one thing though. Attracting blog traffic isn’t an overnight process. You have to be patient with your efforts and try to be positive when the odds are against you. These are all strategies of long term duration. Content promotion doesn’t come like that only. However, if your strategies are right coupled with patience, you should certainly see the results.

Please do let me know if I missed any valid point in tips for attracting blog traffic.

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