Play Store trending section reaches to entertainment

The all new Google Play Store Trending section is for entertainment zones. The new addition looks extremely perfect. If you see closely this is designed well and seems to be a very helpful extension. Read on to get a detailed insight.

Play Store Trending section

Play Store Trending section

Google brings a new Play Store UI in almost every week. These frequent changes had sometimes taken a shape of large button addition. And sometimes these changes have witnessed adjustment of font size. And recently we saw that Google will monitor the fraud apps on Play Store. But the latest shout-out affirms a Trending section in the entertainment segment of the Play Store. This insertion can be followed right below the chunk of latest released movies.

You like the new addition, right? So let’s see how to proceed. Just tap on any trending topics you see on your device’s Play Store. This would lead you to a bunch of news giving you an appearance of collage. You can further scroll the news as well.

To take an instance here, Marvel’s new Doctor Strange movie shows a total of two reviews, a trailer, the whole casts info, movie information, movie’s popular YouTube videos, soundtrack details, and an interview. And when you expand each of the information, you see the advanced details.

Play Store Trending section

Now move on to the bottom-right segment of the screen that outlines the videos and soundtrack. You have already seen this in the videos on YouTube app. Here in our instance, when we play the soundtrack of Michael Giacchino it’s amazing to hear. But alas! We dug a sad part here, which turns off the playback when we exit the trending page. So if you wish to search or browse different apps on your device, you won’t be able to listen to your favorite soundtrack.

Play Store Trending section

Presently, in this new section, you can find all the relevant media and information related to the Doctor Strange movie. You can also get sections named by Hacksaw Ridge by Mel Gibson and Bruno Mars’ new single.

Google never fails to amaze us with its alluring features that are added to Play Store. For now, we hope to see some more enhancements into the Play Store Trending section.

Don’t forget to tell us your views about this new segment added to the Play Store.


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