PlayStation 4 Neo Launch Date, Specs and Price

The PlayStation 4 Neo launch date was reportedly accidentally revealed on Amazon. Apart from that the alleged specs and pricing has also come to the fore.

PlayStation 4 Neo Launch Date


The clandestineness of PlayStation 4 Neo launch date faced a serious onslaught. It is generally believed that for the success of any company it is utmost necessary that a certain level of privacy is maintained so that the success mantra does not go viral in the market. This is also known as drip feeding where people are not revealed all the information about the product but they are told in bits and parts about the upcoming product so as to maintain their thirst for the product.

However, Sony could not keep the price range of its new play station a secret. According to reports, the PlayStation 4 Neo price would be around $450. It was by chance leaked because of mishandling on the part of Amazon, if sources are to be believed.


In the month of June Sony had declared that it was working on the modification of its PlayStation 4 which would soon be launched. This upgraded version was codenamed as Neo. It was supposed to make an appearance during E3 but this did not happen and was quite disheartening. It is now projected that this gadget will make an appearance in late September this year at Tokyo Game Show.

The Spanish portal of Amazon ruined the secrecy plans of Sony to keep this gadget a secret by revealing the details like the PlayStation 4 Neo launch date of the product on the site along with the PlayStation 4 Neo price. Though it was removed from the site immediately, the duration for which it appeared on the screen was enough for many to get the details. It was supposedly a 42 page report that also alleged that games released after October this year will support the present PS4 as well as the PS4 Neo.

According to the reports leaked PlayStation Neo would be available from October 13, 2016 at a price of €399.99 with an additional availability of a VR headset. No wonder, this was quite unfortunate for Sony, though we got to know the details of the PlayStation 4 Neo launch date and PlayStation 4 Neo price.


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