Pokémon Go Double Rewards on Thanksgiving

Niantic Inc. has announced Pokemon Go double rewards of Stardust and XP during this year thanksgiving event from November 23rd to November 30th. Read on to know more!

Pokémon Go Double Rewards


The news of Pokémon Go double rewards is almost going viral and will surely keep the game interesting for existing Pokemon Go players. During this holiday season, Pokémon Go players will be earning double bonus XP points and double stardust points from November 23rd to 30th. And the game is pretty much popular in India as well, the proof of which is the fact that there was a tension-like atmosphere in the Gujarat High Court over the illegal download of the game.

Niantic Inc. which is publishing this augmented reality game Pokémon Go has made it clear that they will update the game to attract more users. It is a matter of fact that Pokémon go is one of the most successful games ever launched. It was downloaded on over 50 million Android devices within a month of its launch. From its initial launch in July this year, Pokémon Go is gaining more players with each day. The game is not attracting many new players now, but once it almost smashed the interest with its initial launch that went viral all over the media.

A similar attempt was also made from the company to gain popularity during the Halloween festival, offering more benefits than the rewards players are getting during this thanksgiving event. During Halloween event, players were not just getting double XP, but they were also getting kind of Pokémon Go double rewards in the form of an amount of candy, which overall helped Pokémon evolve faster.

Halloween event earned a great interest and was quite successful for the company. Niantic officials must be having keen eyes over the thanksgiving event for evaluation of their game success rate after the Halloween event.

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