Pokemon Go is a Great Health Booster; Studies Confirm

Pokemon Go is the new key to a great fitness. Studies in the US reveal that the game has improved the health of several citizens within three months duration. Here’s the full report!

Pokemon Go is Your Health Booster


Nintendo‘s amazing invention, Pokemon Go was released in July, this year. It’s almost three months since its introduction, and the game has already become hugely popular among the masses. The nations of New Zealand, Australia and the US (where the game was first introduced), are in awe of this augmented-reality game. But, despite the accolades won, it has also been a part of several controversies. It was recently in the news, for being the cause of illegal downloads in India; where it hasn’t been legally introduced. The Gujarat High Court even accused the game for being a “threat to public safety” and, for “hurting religious sentiments”.

Negating all these controversies, is an interesting report by Stanford University and Microsoft, which brings out the positive side of the location-based game. The two prestigious institutions conducted a survey on Pokemon Go players in the US. The results of the survey were published under a research project, which was published on October 6. And, we must say, these results were quite astonishing!

For the survey, Stanford University and Microsoft collected data from Pokemon Go Plus accessories and various search engines, that led to the revelation of 32 thousand Pokemon players across the US. The results were based on the data collected in the three months duration. According to the study, Pokemon was found to be the reason of increased physical activity across citizens of all age groups. As the research team puts it in their own words; “Pokémon Go has increased physical activity across men and women of all ages, weight status, and prior activity levels.”


The survey pointed out that within 30 days duration, the target Pokemon Go players were found walking 26 percent more, i.e., approx. 1,437 steps, every day. That means, in totality, the players in the US had walked around 144 billion steps extra, in the three months time. Even after taking factors like, limited playing time and the stoppage after fading of initial momentum, into consideration; it was found out that players who walked more than 1000 steps daily, reduced their mortality risk by 6%. This, in turn, guaranteed approx. 2,825 million years of a more lifetime to the players.

This interesting study by Stanford University and Microsoft is indeed an eye-opener. It can prove to be a game-changer for the Gujarat High Court case, if used as an evidence in support of Pokemon Go. It can even prove helpful in preventing the High Court, from declaring a ban on the game, altogether. If that happens, then Pokemon Go fans in India, will get to experience the same benefits as the US. And, it can give rise to a healthy way of life in India, as well.


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