Pokémon Go Plus Accessory Can be Yours at $34.99 Only

Pokémon Go Plus accessory is now available in a lot of retail stores. It is priced at only $34.99. Pokémon Go version 0.37.1 has been just released for Android.

Pokémon Go Plus Accessory


We have all heard about the runaway success of Pokémon Go, and close on the heels appears the Pokémon Go Plus accessory has been made available at a number of retailers and it is priced at $34.99. Android just released Pokémon Go version 0.37.1. This release features bug fixes for devices like Pokémon Plus. With the Pokémon Go, we also get a wristband called Pokéball which is in a Google Maps Marker shape. If we buy a Pokémon Go, it can be updated with the new version released.

Pokémon game app in India also has a very good base of popularity. The game has seen extreme levels of craze among the followers. The game has seen millions of downloads ever since it appeared on the Play Store.

Pokémon can be caught without even opening the phone if it’s paired to an Android 4.4+ device supporting Bluetooth version 4.0. The device signals by flashing green and vibrating, whenever the Pokémon is closer to us. We just have to press the button for throwing Pokéball. The device will again flash green and vibrate if the Pokémon is caught successfully.

Even if we don’t get out of our phone, it still helps us interact with Pokéstops. The device flashes blue and vibrates whenever we are close to a stop. It can be received by a button press. The Pokémon Go Plus walking can be counted towards our Pokémon walking and eggs hatching. The Pokémon Go Plus can be purchased from the online stores like Amazon, the Nintendo UK and the Gamestop.



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