Craze and Popularity of Xiaomi Mobile in India

Xiaomi mobile in India is fast gaining popularity as one of the best Smartphones out there. It isn’t for nothing that the brand is the third largest Smartphone makers in the world, as said by IPS iSuppli.

Xiaomi Mobile in India

Xiaomi, which is also tagged as the Apple of China, dethroned another big player Huawei. This is according to the third quarter sales of this financial year.

The Xiaomi mobiles have performed exceptionally well in India. Actually, these handsets are available mostly in Asian countries like Singapore, China and India apart from a few more to mention. Xiaomi mobile phones in India have managed to find their feet in a very tiny span of time.

Launched in 2010

In just four years Xiaomi has managed to find its feet in the market. And in such a short duration, Xiaomi mobiles have proved to be a huge issue for big players like Samsung and Apple. The flash sales strategy of the company has worked in great favor for their sales. LG and Lenovo had a handsome Q3; however, they were still lagging behind the Xiaomi mobiles.

India is a Big Market

India has always been a great market for many business houses and xiaomi mi mobile is no different. The company took great advantage of the Diwali festival and had set a target of selling 1, 00,000 handsets in that particular week. With a partnership in Flipkart, xiaomi mobiles aim at selling at least 60,000 phones in one week.



Craze of Xiaomi Mobile Phones in India

The Xiaomi mobile in India is in great demand. It can be gauged by the fact that as many as 1, 00,000 people had pre-registered when a consortium of only 10,000 handsets was at disposal. This was in July this year when the phone was launched.

Affordable as Compared to Apple

Xiaomi isn’t the Apple of China for nothing. Actually, the Xiaomi mobiles are pretty affordable with great features. That is the reason why they are gaining so much popularity so fast. As far as Xiaomi mobile in India is concerned, they have to fight Smartphones from as many as 80 diverse companies in the country.

Building Network

To fight other companies in India and make more market for the Xiaomi mi mobile, the company is building a network that will assist them in spreading their presence. For that, Xiaomi is in talks with various start-ups. The aim of the company is to have services for Xiaomi mobile in India and to provide reasonably priced devices for the masses.

One of the latest entrants in India is the Android One Smartphones launched by Google in September. Market even for Android One will not be easy as Xiaomi will most certainly give them a run for their money.

The Last Word…

Even if Apple and Samsung are still the two big world leaders in Smartphones, it should not come as a surprise if Xiaomi topples any one of them in the near future. The stage is set for Xiaomi mobile in India.

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