Possible iPhone 8 Price Revealed: Will You Buy At These Prices?

2017 is the 10th anniversary iPhone 8, and all eyes are on Apple. But fans might not be happy to hear new rumors with possible iPhone 8 price. What’ll be they? Read on.

Apple iPhone 8 Price
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The Apple iPhone 8, the new model to be released in the 10th anniversary year of Apple, could be the most expensive phone that Apple has come out with so far. The industry is rife with speculations about what could be the price range of the iPhone 8. With rumors of a dual screen, do the price being rumored as of now, really hold any ground?

The features and the design, which are both high-end, suggest that the iPhone 8 price could be well over $1000 or approximately Rs. 67100. Clearly, it is not a phone that is meant for everyone, as reported by Dailymail. The OLED display alone justifies the price to iPhone fans. The OLED display that will stretch from one edge to the other, has the capacity to double the iPhone 8 price. The phone will also have 3D sensing. Rumors are also making the rounds about what it is going to be called. There is some speculation about Apple calling the new device iPhone X instead of iPhone 8.

Sources familiar with the company’s workings claim that three variants of the iPhone will be launched this fall. It is safe to assume that the first and the second will be the iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7S Plus with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch LCD screens, respectively. The iPhone 8 OLED display is believed to be 5.8-inch in size. OLED displays will almost be a certainty as we had got a report back in October from the Sharp CEO.

All said and done, the iPhone 8 is not a revelation because iPhone price has always been on the higher side. The iPhone 7S Plus is priced at $969 or approximately Rs. 92000, if you are in India. Reports have also come in regarding the design of the phone. The edges are rumored to be made of stainless steel, which is inexpensive. However, the back of the iPhone 8 will be all glass. The side buttons will be replaced by inlays in the metal that are sensitive to touch. It was previously believed that the iPhone 8 would have wireless charging which is an advanced technology. It could well warrant the current speculated iPhone 8 price or more.

Of course, all this is merely speculation and can only be believed once the product hits the market. In between don’t forget to have a look at these concept images. Do you think these are for real now?

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