You may be potentially being ‘spied’ with the Big Data

We have always been advised to give priority to security when browsing internet, revealing our sensitive information or making online transactions. However, what is the guarantee that you are still safe? Who knows if you are leaving digital traces behind? Well, one can take precautions to the best of the ability. But you never know how secure you are.
A report states that National Security Agency is thoroughly reading the data of hundreds of thousands of customers from the United States. These customers are supposedly from the Verizon Communications. The data is being analyzed, which mostly happens to be personal data.
William Binney, who is a former NSA employee, says that there could be records collected by the agency on around 3 billion phone calls per day. The NSA and the FBI run a program called “PRISM”. This program makes available to the US administration the emails, audio as well as video any other data apart from the photos that the people hand over to some companies well known in the world.
There were some very big names of the companies that participate in this PRISM. Some of the prominent companies include Microsoft Corp., Google Inc., Facebook Inc., Yahoo! Inc and Apple Inc. among some others. On their side, the companies said that the only information that is passed on to the government is the one that is only required under the law.
The entire information can be worked out like a jigsaw puzzle and there are a number of conclusions that can be reached at. The data can be used to guess the habits and friendships with data-mining formulae using authoritative computers.
This phenomenon, these days is being termed as Big Data. With powerful computers it is possible to analyze the huge stock of information that is collected through various electronic media like mobile phones, etc. As far as the Obama administration is concerned, the only thing they are saying is that it all being done in the interest of the nation’s security.

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