Microsoft Build: Project Kinect for Azure Announced

Among the many announcements at the Microsoft Build Conference 2018, Microsoft has released Project Kinect for Azure. What’s new for Azure? Read on to know more.

Project Kinect for Azure

Among the many announcements at the Microsoft Build Conference 2018, Your Phone app was one of them. Microsoft has released Project Kinect for Azure. This means a new package of sensors, a next-generation depth camera, and also AI experiments to experiment and work with.

Project Kinect for Azure

Microsoft is slowly evolving into the next Google. At the 2018 Microsoft Build Conference, Microsoft has decided to make everything open source, so that developers can have a bigger say on things. And Project Kinect for Azure is yet another way Microsoft is doing this. With this, the company now gives developers an upper hand in using the technology.

Project Kinect for Azure includes Time of Flight sensor, among many other sensors, fit into a small form. Also included is AI services such as Machine Learning, Cognitive Services and also IoT Edge. Microsoft has also bumped up the specs by including a ton of new features such as including the highest number of pixels, highest figure of merit and automatic per-pixel gain selection.

This thus enables a large dynamic range that allows objects both far and near to be captured cleanly. For robust accuracy, multiphase depth calculation is also used. These features, when used in games and work purposes, are assured to enhance the overall quality and experience of AI.

Though these features sound super cool, users cannot have a hand in trying them out. This is meant for developers, and so only time can tell what they are going to make out of this.

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