Be Protected against Cricket World Cup Online Scam

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is here and so is the cricket World Cup online scam. There are online scammers out there to bring more headache and problems to you taking the advantage of the Cricket World Cup. You ought to be aware of the security measures to keep yourself safe against preying eyes.

Cricket World Cup Online Scam

The cricket World Cup 2015 is all set to get underway in less than 24 hours now. The world event that is held every four years is once again at the doorstep. It is one of the most viewed events in the world. No wonder, the cricket World Cup online scam also has its share.

Coming back to the scams debate, this is what you can expect from the bad guys out there:

Sending Emails

One of the most widely used methods in hacking is sending emails. And yes, the cricket World Cup online scam will also see such messages being sent. Hackers send emails that send the users to malicious sites. At times there are also malicious codes in the attachment of such mails.

Fake Websites

Exclusively for hacking, fake websites are created. They look pretty much like the official World Cup site. It is used for stealing any personal or even financial data.

Using Social Media

We have all seen the power of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. However, the downside of these sites is that they become the favorite weapon to spread the cricket World Cup online scam. Messages are sent across that can lead users to infected or phishing sites.


Live Streaming

Many fake sites also claim to live streaming services. Fake sites claim to offer such services, but the users can potentially end up with stolen data.

How to Avoid Cricket World Cup Online Scam

Now, you may be wondering how you can tackle the online scam during the Cricket World Cup. Here are some simple but effective steps that should protect you against the cricket World Cup scam.

Watching Matches on Home TV

Are you an avid cricket fan? Do you really want to watch matches? Then the best place is to watch it in the stadium itself. If you cannot afford (to go to Australia and watch matches), the second best option (which is probably the best of many of us) is to watch matches on home TV.

Only Use ICC’s Official Website

Whatever be your need to visit websites, always use the official website of ICC. You can visit the site at

Avoid Using External Source

Even if you are offered the address of the official ICC website, avoid the temptation of clicking on it. Instead, just take the trouble of typing the URL or you cannot rule out the possibility of another cricket World Cup online scam.

Beware of Discounts & Freebies

An event like the World Cup is just another pretext to offer discounts and freebies like free tickets. Remember, no one gives anything for free. So, do not expect any free tickets.

Don’t Answer Calls

Sometimes users also get calls claiming to offer free or discounted match tickets. Some scamsters also offer vouchers for travelling. Disconnect the call immediately as it could be a cricket World Cup online scam in the making.

Use an Anti-Virus

One of another safer ways to protect yourself from cricket World Cup online scam is having a reliable anti-virus software program. There are so many in the market out there. But yes, go only for the reliable one.


Every big occasion like a World Cup – be it in any sport, or celebrations like Diwali, Christmas, New Year or Valentine’s Day. There are many opportunists who are just waiting for that right opportunity to take undue advantage. But, proper care and abiding by the tips mentioned here can help you avoid cricket World Cup online scam.

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