Questions to Ask When Choosing a New Smartphone

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Choosing A New Smartphone

There are so many new smartphones coming out each year that it is impossible for anyone but a professional on the subject to keep track. In truth, all you likely want is a smartphone that will do what you need it to do and then be a secure and reliable part of your life for the next few years. You need something versatile for anything that life throws your way. Here are a few different questions you should be asking to yourself about any potential smartphone purchase.


What Applications are Available for this Device?

Before you pick a model of phone, you should check what kind of operating system it uses and what kind of applications it has available to it. If a device has a poor selection of apps, then you might find yourself frustrated with the limitations of only having what came installed on the phone. If it has a good or even great selection of apps, then you might find that you are using your much more versatile phone for things you didn’t even originally think of.

You should also consider the average price of the apps for a particular device, and the general quality that is available. One great app is worth countless apps that will freeze your phone, slow it down, or otherwise make your life miserable. Also, do you think those apps are going to in general be supported, or are developers going to stop bothering with that particular operating system? You don’t want to get something that will stop improving after six months when you’re going to keep your phone for at least a year or two.

What Kind of Hardware Does this Smartphone Have?

This is a question that you must consider with your own needs in mind. Do you listen to a lot of music from your smartphone or record a lot of video on it? If so, you’ll want a lot of free space on the phone’s storage so you don’t have to constantly switch songs out. Do you take a lot of pictures and plan to use your smartphone as your day-to-day camera? Then you’ll want to get a phone with a better camera than average. Only you can truly know the balance of what you really need, and try to consider what you had the most problems with on your last smartphone (if this is not your first).

Also important to note is that you should try to research the processor used in your smartphone. A lot of people will look at either the megapixel count on the phone, the hard drive space on the phone, or other numbers such as RAM to determine which phone is better. While these statistics are important, they do not paint the whole picture. A much better processor, which makes the phone more versatile, or a more efficient battery, might be worth a drop in some of the other numbers.

How Much is this Going to Cost Me?

This may seem like an obvious question, and it is. However, there are more factors to take into consideration than a simple price tag. A lot of service providers often give away phones along with a one or two year service contract, and it is extremely important to take into consideration the cost of the service contract before signing the dotted line and getting your “free” phone. That being said, if you are in fact going to sign a service plan, you should choose the best phone available and also not be afraid to spend twenty to fifty dollars if the difference in the quality of the smartphone is going to be outstanding.

Also, don’t look at just the immediate costs. Think about any peripherals you might need in the future, batteries you might need to replace, car adapters, etc. Are there any hidden service fees for the phone (you should note that many companies have an activation fee upon getting the phone) or do some phones have applications that you might have to pay for on others? Is the phone versatile enough so I don’t need to buy as many other devices in the future? Try to do some quick math when comparing potential purchases, and work out the best deal for yourself.

How Safe and Secure is this Phone?

The last and perhaps the most important question you should have when finding a new smartphone is how secure, safe, and durable is this phone? You need a phone that is going to last, especially if you are buying a more expensive model. In addition, the better the phone, the more attractive a target it is for thieves looking to make a quick dollar. You might be holding some sensitive data or messages on your phone which might be bad for you or your company should they get out, and you need to know what protections you have.

Of course, you are the person that can do the most to protect your phone both physically and digitally, but there are other things you should know. Does the service you are using or the phone company have any plans or service in place that can help you in the event of someone stealing or hacking your phone? What kinds of materials went into making the phone and how does that make it more durable? Does the glass scratch easily?

In addition, does your phone support additional security measures? What type of immediate security does it have? Is there a way you can remotely lock the phone quickly? Perhaps you will want to use a VPN on your smartphone to protect yourself when using public Wi-Fi, and in that case, you need to know if the phone you’re looking at works well with them. Look at the information out there and check out the customer reviews, they can often tell you what to expect regarding these topics.

This is a guest post posted by Caroline SecureThoughts.

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