Quick Assist Remote Desktop App: available to Win10

The Quick Assist Remote Desktop App has been made available to the newest Insider builds of Microsoft Windows 10. Let’s get to know more about it.

Quick Assist Remote Desktop App


One of the new entrants in the world of technology is the Quick Assist Remote Desktop App. It is an innovation and an introduction of Build 14385 for those you who are the regular users of Windows 10. It is available ready for use in the start menu of the build of Windows 10. This application first appeared in the forefront in the month of May this year but at that point of time it was not much accessible.

However, it is available for use to all the Windows 10 users and is successfully providing remote assistance. It is a very simple and an easy application to use. The user find only two options for himself while using the application. First one is to “Ask for help” and the other one is to “Provide assistance”. In case of asking for help one needs to provide a code that facilitates easy connection.

The Quick Assist Remote Desktop App is enhanced for Windows 10 users and it supports the use of stylus to add annotations thereby making it easy to provide assistance and explanations. Overall, it has now become an easy task to assist family and friends who have problem using a desktop.


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