RCom is offering iPhone 5S for Rs 2,500?

You have heard that right. RCom is offering iPhone 5S for Rs 2,599. As a matter of fact, everyone today wants to own an Apple product and when it comes at that low a price, who won’t go for it? But is the price of an iPhone 5S really that low or is it anything of a scam? Questions are natural to pop up in mind.

The iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C are launched in India today – Friday, November 1. But there isn’t that much an excitement or rush. The reason? The high prices of the Apple products. But with RCom coming in the picture, owning an Apple iPhone could be a dream come true for many Indian customers.iphone5_2338246b

It is understood that Apple and RCom – Reliance Communications, have struck a deal that will make it possible to own either of iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S at zero upfront cost. RCom will be offering unlimited voice calls apart from 3G data nad SMS. This will be available for fixed monthly charges between Rs. 2,599 and Rs. 2,999.

However, under RComs’ scheme, the same will be available for a monthly charge of Rs. 2,500. There will be a 2-year contract with RCom for the same. If the subsidy is taken out of this equation, the 16GB version of the iPhone 5C will cost around Rs. 41,900. The iPhone 5S, which is a bit costly, which is priced at Rs. 53,500, has been put on offer with Rs. 2,800 as a monthly fee.

As far as the 32GB version is concerned, there will be upfront charges of Rs. 10,000 that is apart from the monthly charges. Off the shelf, the 64GB version carries a price tag of Rs. 71,500, but can be owned with an upfront payment of Rs. 18,000.

Airtel, along with RCom will start the sale of the phones from today itself. Airtel had already started pre-bookings. But it is not likely that they will provide any subsidy.

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