Now record your sex life with Sex with Google Glass

Now you will be able to record your sex life with a new but controversial app called Sex with Google Glass.

Many apps have become a part and parcel of our daily life. The use of the apps is now so common that we may not even realize to what extent we are using them. It has become used to our lives. But, what if an app becomes a controversial one? Never heard that before. There have been films, songs and dialogues in the films that have proved to be controversial before. But how about an app?

The app allows you to view the intimacy between you and your partner and also get a standpoint form your partner. The app invariably records the hot session of the couple. After that, it goes on to compile a video of the same. The video is kept in the database for only five hours.

If no action is taken, the video is automatically deleted. Or, the person can save it as well. To start recording the session, one has to just give a command “OK, Glass, it’s time.” The recording with the app can be stopped by giving another command, “OK, Glass, pull out.”

The app might also get music that will enhance the mood of the couple for the action. What’s more, it will also suggest some sex positions for better experience. So, if you are excited about downloading the app, just hang on. There’s still time as the app isn’t downloadable as yet. However, it will soon be available on Android as well as iOS.

The app has been firstly developed for the Google Glass by the developer Sherif Maktabi. But, the team is pushing to get it out on iOS first for a simple reason that Google Glass isn’t still as popular and widely-used as that of the iPhone. However, Google might not be for this app due to their policies against pornography apps. But Sherif Maktabi argues that the app has nothing to do with pornography.

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