Reliance Jio Interconnection Issues: TRAI favors RJio

With all the interconnectivity woes going on. TRAI has supported Reliance Jio. And has recommended a fine of Rs 3,050 on Airtel, Vodafone and Idea.

Reliance Jio Interconnectivity Issues


TRAI has finally favored the telecom newcomer Reliance Jio. And has slapped a sum of Rs 3,050 crores on the other three telecom companies. The issue of RJio interconnectivity was long going on. According to the TRAI code of rules, not more than 5 out of 1000 calls should be rejected.

Talking about what the actual issue was, many of the Jio users were not able to connect to Airtel, Vodafone and Idea users. This was not the case for an hour or so. But the Jio users weren’t able to connect to the other three telecom users the maximum number of times.

According to TRAI the denial of interconnection with Reliance Jio was an anti-competitive move. In a long and detailed letter to the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), TRAI Secretary claimed that the motion of the three telecom operators was against the public interest. The regulator has thus recommended a penalty of Rs. 50 crores on Vodafone, Airtel and Idea for every circle. This sums to Rs 1,050 crores fine on each Airtel and Vodafone with 21 circles. For Idea, it comes down to 950 crores with 19 circles.

Ever since Reliance with Jio has entered the Telecom market. It has been a tough competition for the other Telecom operators. Reliance Jio welcome offer has created record-breaking registrations in the first month of operations.

An Airtel spokesperson on the issue said:

“We are continuously augmenting the PoIs provided to Reliance Jio. And the pace of augmentation has been the fastest ever done by us. Further, we are in full compliance of the requirements of grade of service set by TRAI”.

Vodafone and Idea have not yet commented on the issue. The RJio customers can now expect a better calling network. The penalty charged by TRAI on the three telecom operators is a warning to the Telecom operators. Barring the calls of Reliance Jio network was indeed an anti-competitive move by the three network operators.


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