Reliance Jio World Record: 16M Registered in First Month

From its launch to its offers, Reliance Jio has been in the news for all good things. The company is trending again. And it’s the Reliance Jio world record this time.

Reliance Jio world Record


Mukesh Ambani on Sunday was glad to announce a world record. He said:

“We are delighted and humbled by the overwhelming response across India to the Jio Welcome Offer. Jio is built to empower every Indian with the power of data.”

Reliance Jio on Sunday announced the ‘Reliance Jio world record.’ The company claimed to have crossed the benchmark of 16 million registrations within the first month of Jio operations.

Jio has been a trending announcement and has maintained its craze from the beginning. Jio has been in-demand because of its Welcome Offer. With the Reliance Jio world record news, Jio has become the first startup plan to get so much of response in such a short span, beating the companies like Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp and even more.

Mr. Ambani’s aim is to reach 100 million users within the shortest time period. This would sum up into a data usage of 250 crore GB each month.

Jio is an Aadhaar-based SIM activation process. It is a paperless activation, which is available across 3100 cities. The Aadhaar based process has made the complete activation course very easy and less time consuming.

India has the second largest telephonic market. Jio had a great controversial entry in the market. It had reached 1.5 million users in its testing phase. Jio competes with players like Bharti Airtel and Vodafone. Jio has proved to be a great threat to them, with its Welcome offer. This Welcome offer presents unlimited local/STD calls, free 4G data, free national roaming and more. The offer is valid until December 31.

After the completion of the offer, Jio will offer 10 tariff plans. The plans start from Rs 19 which includes data for a day, especially for occasional data users. The next is Rs 149 offer, which includes data plan for a month, especially for low data users. It has also a Rs 4,999 plan, data plan for a month, for heavy data users. The speed remains constant, that is 4G.

Talking about the recent scenario (before Jio), Bharti Airtel is the largest mobile operator in India. It has 257.5 million subscribers. Vodafone has over 200 million subscribers and Idea about 177 million subscribers.

Talking about only 4G data then, Bharti Airtel’s broadband base (3G+4G) has 35 million subscribers. Whereas, Vodafone and Idea together have 25 million users. They have been in this field for over years, but their user ratio is way too disappointing. While Jio has got 16 million broadband users in less than a month! Isn’t that amazing! With this rate of growth, Jio may have 35 million 4G users by the end of October. It will then overtake the numbers of Bharti Airtel.

In the last few days, after the Jio operations began, it has been noticed that the network connectivity issues are causing a great problem to its customers. Calls couldn’t be reached to the network carriers like Airtel and Vodafone. Jio has no doubt reached its benchmark with its Reliance Jio world record. But, to grow they definitely have to bring a betterment in its connectivity. Offers are great, but to make it even greater the Jio team has to make its connectivity issues vanish.

What do you think, about Jio’s future as well as other network carrier companies? Share your views down the comment area.


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