Reliance JioChat vs WhatsApp: Let’s look behind

There are numerous mobile messaging apps available in the market. But what, if we say that an Indian messaging app, named Reliance JioChat can compete with all these popular apps. Read on to know more.

Reliance JioChat


A number of mobile messaging apps are present, just to name a few are, Hike, Line, Viber, WhatsApp, and a lot more.

If you own a smartphone, it is understood that you have a WhatsApp account or any other messaging app installed on your device. And these days, it is very much in need to have a WhatsApp account. The mobile messaging apps play a pivot role in each of our life for communicating to friends, relatives, and all dear ones. They’re useful, user-friendly and moreover, costing zero to anyone (at least most of them).

A few days back WhatsApp introduced a new feature that enables users to share the group link invitations with other fellows. All these kind of features take this mobile messaging application to another level. A large number of people are using WhatsApp as a source for communication. Recently, Google brought its app Allo on the scene and we compared it with WhatsApp and some others in the business.

But now an Indian messaging application seems to make its way as a competitor to all these mobile messaging apps. Let’s put the spotlight on Reliance JioChat. The app is as interesting as other popular messaging apps. And additionally, it delivers a huge number new and exciting features.

Before starting with the elaborate details we should inform you that JioChat is currently available on the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone. Or if you own an iPhone, then you will be able to grab it from iTunes.


With a few similar features like the popular apps, the Reliance JioChat holds many other features that differentiate it from others. We are aware of the features that WhatsApp or other popular apps provide. So here let’s take a grasp of the other interesting features that differentiates the JioChat from others.

Normal Messaging

You will have to sign-up with your mobile number on Reliance JioChat. After the signing up process, you are enabled to send messages. With utmost simplicity, the app is completely free with no ads. You can also send messages when you are not in a WiFi or internet connection. Just type the message and send, and the moment you go back to a connection your messages will be delivered.


Group Chat

Most importantly, the JioChat enables you to add up to 500 members to your messaging groups. Whereas on WhatsApp you only have an option to add a total of 256 members.


Images and Files

Other messaging apps enable you to send PDF, Docx, MP3, images and more. But with Reliance JioChat you can also doodle while sending images. This feature is not yet available on WhatsApp.


Voice Calls

There is a support for free calls also in the JioChat. So now you will be connected to your friends and family with Reliance JioChat voice calls.

Video Calling

You will be getting a video chat support on JioChat. And here comes the real interesting fact that JioChat enables you to make the group video call. Seems fun, isn’t it? On the other hand, the feature is yet to reach the Messenger.


Follow Branded Channels

Reliance JioChat enables you to stay connected with branded channels so that you get to know about their promotional offers and best deals.

Every feature of the app seems great. Well, if you are impressed with JioChat then move ahead and download the app on your devices from the link that we have given above. And don’t forget to say us how you like the app.


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