Reliance JioFi6 for Rs. 999: Know These Features

Reliance JioFi6: Reliance once again proved that like Jio, it never ceases to impress its users. Here’s the latest device from Reliance that’ll easily bowl you over.

Reliance JioFi6

Reliance JioFi6

The brand new Reliance JioFi6 is out on the market. And it doesn’t come after the millions of JioPhone bookings that we stumbled upon in September last year. Apart from the various Jio plans that we have seen over the past few months, two of them were the Rs. 199 and Rs. 299 plans. But that’s history now and time to talk about the new Reliance JioFi6.

Reliance has come up with a new variant of the JioFi 4G LTE device and we know it by Reliance JioFi 6. Technically, it’s known as JMR815. One of the upsides of the JioFi 6 is the price. The new WiFi hotspot device costs just Rs. 999.

So, apart from the low price, what makes the new JioFi 6 worth buying?

The newest JioFi6 boasts of a healthy download speed that can reach up to 150Mbps. On the other hand, the uploads speeds can be in the region of 50Mbps. There’s also a capability of the JioFi 6 that can connect as many as 32 devices. Out of these 32 devices, 31 can be connected via WiFi, while the remaining one gets a USB connectivity.

Reliance JioFi6
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All this means you can enjoy a totally high-end connectivity. The device also comes with a physical button for powering the gadget on and off.

The Reliance JioFi6 comes with a 3,000mAh battery, which allows you using it for 8 hours on the trot. However, do remember that it takes 3.5 hours to charge the JioFi6 fully. So, you need to be aware of the extended usage. And also if there’s a charging option available in case you need to.

As far as the price of the JioFi 6 is concerned, you can buy it for just Rs. 999. And remember, it’s a Flipkart exclusive.



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