Reliance JioPhone Launched in India for Free, Comes with 4G VoLTE

Reliance Jio has launched ground-breaking Reliance JioPhone in the Indian market for INR 0. Well, that’s how the price of the phone goes.

Reliance JioPhone

Reliance JioPhone

Indian consumers are all set to get Reliance JioPhone for gratis. Exactly. You read it right. There will be no cost of the new JioPhone brought out by Reliance. This comes close after the company had brought out the Reliance Jio Offering that had 224GB of data at 4G speed for just INR 509. To make competition cut-throat, there was also the BSNL Sixer 666 Pack that offered 120GB data for 60 days (two months approximately).

To market the phone, it was announced as India ka Intelligent SmartphoneIntelligent Smartphone from India during the 40th annual general meeting of the company. The Reliance JioPhone comes with 4G VoLTE support. As one of the marketing ploys, Reliance has tagged the phone as a “smartphone” and not a “feature phone”. And you should know how you can book your Reliance JioPhone.

Though there’s no MRP as such to the Reliance JioPhone, buyers will have to pay an amount of INR 1,500. This is a deposit with entire amount being liable for a refund after a period of three years.

Various Offers Brought by Reliance

There will be a range of offers that can easily lure the potential buyers. The first of them is for INR 153 having a validity of 28 days. This includes 4G data as well as unlimited voice calling, SMSes along with access to Jio apps. This is inclusive of 500MB of high speed daily.

For more usage, there’s the INR 309 plan as well. Apart from what you would get for the 153 plan, you will get JioPhone TV cable. You can easily plug it in even your old CRT TV sets too. If you are still unhappy with these plans too, there are still two more for you. The first is Rs. 24 for a couple of days and a week’s time you will have to spend Rs. 54. And both these plans are equivalent to the same INR 153 plan.


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