Report: $1500 Google Glass Manufacturing Cost is $80

Google Glass manufacturing cost is just $80 as compared to the selling price of $1500. The report was brought out by tore down the cost of the material and brought out the estimate of the finished product. The report has started an understandable debate. The wearable device comes at a cost of $1500.

The report from teardown says that the manufacturing cost is $79.78. This is slightly higher than 5% of the cost of the Google Glass.

Google Glass Manufacturing Cost

After stating the Google Glass manufacturing cost as $79.78, here is a breakup of the costs. The display or the touchscreen along with the glass costs $3. The battery comes at a cost of $1.14. The SDRAM has a price of $4.68. The cost of the camera is $5.66, while NAND (storage) carries a cost of $8.18 and is accompanied by the processor with $13.96.Google Glass Manufacturing Cost

All this costs $36.62. The costs of the other details aren’t given. There have been some teardowns regarding this wearable device. However, no one had given out the details about the manufacturing costs.

It must be said that the costs of the manufacturing is usually less than the collective cost needed to develop that product.

When the news was out, Google came out with a reply immediately. According to the mega search engine the report is ‘absolutely wrong’. Wall Street Journal had quoted a spokesman from Google, who didn’t wish to be identified or comment.

Wall Street Journal also said that the estimate done by was based on the quick analysis and things are likely to change as and when the site sees more exploration.

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