Report: Amazon Smartphone Might be Unveiled in June 2014

Online retailer Amazon Smartphone might be unveiled in the month of June this year. It was reported by the Wall Street Journal yesterday.

The phone has been rumoured for quite a while now and Amazon Inc is all prepared to launch the same. The introduction of Amazon phone will also increase competition when there are already companies like Samsung and Apple in the market with cut-throat competition.

Amazon is certainly taking the introduction on the Smartphone pretty seriously as they are displaying the phone to various developers in Seattle and San Francisco. The device is expected to be launched in June and the handsets will start shipping from September.

Amazon has been known as the top online retailer in the world. However, the company has now set its sight on having hardware items too. The sales would be easier for the company as they have their own online retail. That would also allow the users to directly get the products from Amazon.Amazon Dash, Amazon Logo

There have been rumors of a Smartphone designed by Amazon that has been doing the rounds, literally for years now. However, the executives of the company had dismissed the news as it was too ambitious to make entry into a market that is already saturated now.

However, it is also not easy for even Apple and Samsung in Smartphone category even if they are established companies. There is stiff competition from Huawei, Lenovo and even Indian companies like Mircomax and Lava.

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