Apple Eyeing To Buy Japanese Chipmaker for 50 Billion Yen

According to a report, the US-based Apple Inc is eyeing to buy the Japanese chipmaker for about 50 billion yen. A statement from Renesas Electronics Corp – the Japanese chipmaker said that they were pondering upon selling that one particular unit that manufactures display control chips.

Japanese Chipmaker

According to the media reports, Apple is currently in talks with the struggling company from Japan to buy the arm for nearly JPY 50 billion. Renesas SP Drivers makes chips for the Apple iPhones, it is known from the industry sources.

Renesas own 55% of the shares. Sharp Corp and Taiwan’s Powerchip own 25% and 20% share respectively.

It must be mentioned that the Japanese companies have a lion’s share in providing the chips for Apple devices like iPhone as well as iPad. They will also be reportedly behind the screens of iPhone 6 – the latest iPhone to be brought out by Apple in the near future.

Renesas took form from the struggling chip arms of the three Japanese electronics companies, is currently the restructuring mode and looks to focus on providing chips to automotive division after suffering losses to the tunes of 650 billion yen.

However, there was a 150 billion yen support from the government funds as well as customers for opposing a previous bid by KKR & Co LP – a US-based company.

In a development reported by Nikkei, the takeover could possibly take place in this summer and also added that Sharp Corp will also become ready to sell their stake in the company in case Apple happens to request the same.

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