Report: Apple may introduce solar charging for iWatch

According to the latest reports, Apple may introduce solar charging as well as motion charging for the wearable device – the iWatch. The iWatch will be the debut wearable device from the company and there is a lot of anticipation around it. There is expected to be an inductive charging technology.

The report has been derived from New York Times and it further says that Apple is making various experiments in the field of wireless charging for the iWatch. Out of the possibilities, the inductive charging looks to be the most possible option.

The same has been seen in other mobile handsets like the Nokia Lumia, Google Nexus 4 and 5. However, a technology like wireless charging for wearable devices hasn’t been seen before and it will be new and it will be the same for devices like Samsung Galaxy Gear and Sony Smartwatch 2.

“Harnessing power through electromagnetic induction utilising printed coils” is a patent filed by Apple in September 2009, which speaks of “shake to charge” technique, which is present in a number of wristwatches. The summery of the patent described in detail how the “shake to charge” function can be used for charging devices.

The New York Times also quoted some sources that talked about other ideas and functionalities of charging gadgets wirelessly. However, there was still some time for those ideas to be implemented. There is a possibility of the curved display of the Smartwatch to add a layer that will assist in solar charging.

In some recent developments, LG is said to have struck a deal with Apple for producing the wearable device, the iWatch. There were also reports that LG would manufacture display panels for the device.

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