Report: Samsung Galaxy S5 and similar Smartphones to have 16MP cameras

According to a report, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and such similar Smartphones will have 16MP cameras. The next-generation of the high-end Smartphones will carry such cameras, the report says. This prominently includes the Samsung Galaxy S5 in the list.

ETnews, a Korean publication is understood to be the source of the news. The publication has a trustworthy record of reporting the inside news on Samsung. The news report also says that Samsung has placed an order of 181 million devices with 16MP cameras for the next year.Samsung-new-camera-module

There is however no word on what kind of camera module will there be in the next year’s Samsung Smartphones. However, there were some reports even earlier that claimed that the South Korean company will be using a novel camera technology that will make it possible to take images even in low light conditions. There is also reported to be an improved stabilization as well.

One also waits to know how many gadgets will there be that will have the 16MP cameras. Samsung is also known to be working on an eye-scanning feature that might be introduced by the Galaxy S5. The new technology will bring in the feature of unlocking a Smartphone by eye-scanning.

It must be mentioned that the unlocking feature hasn’t been introduced on any Smartphone as of now and if Samsung does introduce it, it will become the first company to do so. However, there isn’t any confirmation on the news about this as there is no official word on the same as yet.

There were possibilities that Samsung will be overhauling the Smartphone and the features would get introduced sooner than later. The sales of the Galaxy S4 haven’t really been very encouraging and to fight the dismal performance of the device, Samsung may launch the Galaxy S5 in the month of January next year.

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