Review: Nokia BH-217 Bluetooth Headset (Ice)

The Nokia BH-217 Bluetooth Headset (Ice) comes with the Always Ready feature, which is always literally ready to help you out. Be it making a call or answering one, the Nokia device is always at your service.

Nokia BH-217 Bluetooth Headset (Ice)

Taking the headset out of the holder will make the device ready for speaking as it comes to ‘life’. After your call is over, just place the device back in the holder and it will end your call.

Battery backup

The device uses 45mAh Li-ion polymer battery. You just don’t have to worry about the battery backup the Nokia gadget provides. It is a whopping more or less 90 days. So, a period of roughly three months is certainly more than enough with moderate use. So, the Bluetooth headset is always at your disposal whenever you need it – always ready to serve you.Nokia BH-217 Bluetooth Headset

Convenient to carry

With the Bluetooth device comes a convenient carrying clip. This makes it easy to carry the device with you around. It is hassle free, easy to use and at 9g it is lightweight too. The dimensions of the gadget are 50.5 X 6.2 X 17 cm. So, you never feel the extra burden of carrying a device with you as you roam around.

Helpful guide

You can always get a handy guide about how you can use the Nokia BH-217 Bluetooth Headset gadget. The guidance helps you in pairing the device with your Smartphone as well as the connection status.

Noise cancellation

The device is certainly great as it allows you to communicate in a totally noise-free atmosphere. The built-in DSP noise cancellation helps you in this.

The Nokia BH-217 Bluetooth is an electronic gadget that you should use to experience.

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