Review of the Sony SRS BTV5

The Sony SRS BTV5 is the cheapest variant of the BTV5 priced at Rs. 3,990. The SRS BTV5 is the speakers from Sony that are not only trendy but also look extremely catchy. The colors that they are available in like light blue, white and black add to the beauty.

When Sony launched their Xperia Smartphones as well as tablets this year, they also came up with NFC speakers in India. NFC stands for Near-Field Communication and a majority of phones that were released in 2013 come with the NFC chip.Sony SRS BTV5

The speaker has a very cute personality and is actually smaller than even a cricket ball. The gadget is indeed lightweight as it weighs only 136g. So, if you want to listen to music on the go, the Sony SRS BTV5 should be your choice.

The power button isn’t visible in a straightforward way. It sits hidden at the bottom of the device and you will have to pull it towards the right and keep on holding it until blue light beings to blink.

NFC pairing doesn’t look that simple. Before using, you will have to download the Android app known as NFC Easy Connect. You need to run this app whenever you need to pair your phone with the speaker. This simply means the BTV5 runs only with Android-only phones, which is a great drawback.

As the size of the speaker suggests, it isn’t built for a blast. It won’t give you deafening music but is great when working with laptops or tablets. The bass also doesn’t seem to come off too well with the BTV5.

And yes, the BTV5 is also a speakerphone that you can use to receive your calls. But remember, don’t expect too much in a raucous environment.

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