Review: Stellar Windows Data Recovery 6

We have very often got into situations where very important files have got deleted from the computer hard disk. They couldn’t be even traced anywhere as they are out of even the Recycle Bin. The situations become such difficult as it becomes almost impossible to get the data back.

This is where the Stellar Windows Data Recovery comes in handy. It can work seamlessly with both file system with the Windows OS – the FAT 32 and the NTFS. The FAT system is the older one, while the NTFS can be seen in the more recent Windows OS versions. You do not have to be technically sound in Windows as this software will do the work for you.

But do you know what chances there are for recovering the data? For that, you need to know how the data is stored on the hard disk. A file system works and is accountable as it maintains the mapping of the stored data on a physical hard disk. It then facilitates the storing as well as the retrieval process.

Explaining the storage needs even more technical explanations. However, it can be said that the file systems make use of a range of data mapping structures that maintain the physical location of the file in question on the hard drive.

When a certain file is typically deleted, the entry gets marked as deleted. However, the data that is actually related to the file still remains in the hard disk. Recovery software like the Stellar Windows Data Recovery makes use of this technique to recover lost data.

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