Rumored Redesign of MacBook Pro Shows Top Case

The rumored redesign of MacBook Pro clearly shows the top case that has room for OLED touch panel along with four USB-C ports. However, the source of these images continues to be anonymous.

Rumored Redesign of MacBook Pro

Have you heard about the rumored redesign of MacBook Pro? It is really exciting to know that Apple is planning to bring into use 13-inch and 15-inch new, renovated form of MacBook called Retina MacBook Pro in the later part of this year. It is supposed to be more thin and light than the previous ones. Also there will be an OLED touch bar in this rumored redesign of MacBook Pro that is going to replace the physical function keys. There is also a probability of a Touch ID button.

This model of MacBook Pro is supposed to have the most important upgrade which will comprise of the butterfly mechanism keyboards and the metal injection mold-made hinges. Photos have been revealed which show thinness of the device. From the photos uploaded it can be been concluded that it has four USB-C ports and one headphone jack in the rumored redesign of MacBook Pro. You will also find thin speaker grilles beside the keyboard. The track pad and the keys have not yet been positioned as it can be seen from the uploaded images.


So, these were basically the rumors about the latest MacBook Pro. Nobody is sure of the exact design. Let’s wait eagerly for the new version to launch and see whether these rumors hold any ground or not. Now, why we call these rumors, is because the origin of these images is ambiguous and anonymous. However, this source only claimed that it is a manufacturing partner in China for Apple.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says the upcoming MacBook Pros will have the “most significant upgrade ever undertaken by Apple.”



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