Rumors of iPhone 6 begin; May be launched with FullHD Retina display

iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S may have come to India now. And there the rumors of the iPhone 6 have already got underway. The phone may be launched with Full HD Retina display next year. The rumors are understood to have brought its head up via Japanese magazine called Mac Fan.

The rumors also speak of the new mobile handset having one inch of larger screen than the recently released iPhone 5S – 5-inch. Even the tentative launch of the new phone is also being tagged in September 2014. Even the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S had been launched in September this year.article-2483458-0531DF8B00000514-325_634x402

The rumors speak of the Full HD 1080p Retina display. There is also an illustration of the new handset may look like. The rumored launch of the iPhone 6 would coincide with launch pattern that has been observed with Apple products.

As far as the other specifications are concerned, there will only be rumors at least until there is any concrete information from the company or any reliable source. But then that will keep the fans of the iPhones interested in knowing what the end product will look like. What colors the phones will bear is also a matter of curiosity.

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